What is a Concussion?

How does Chiropractic Care help in the treatment of sports-related concussions?

Treatment of concussions related to sports injuries is essential for the health and well-being of an athlete. So what is the best cure or treatment for sports-related concussion? A recent survey conducted among athletes belonging to various sports revealed that the best treatment for their concussion-related to sports injury had been provided by a concussion specialist in Austin, TX, also known as a Functional Neurologist, Neurological Chiropractor, or Concussion Chiropractor in Austin.

What Is A Concussion Related To A Sports Injury / Sports-Related Concussion(SRC)?

When an athlete suffers a bump or blows to the head while playing the sport, they may receive a concussion, a type of TBI caused by rapid movement forcing the brain to move back and forth rapidly inside your skull. Well, this abrupt movement can cause damage to the brain that could lead to some change at the chemical and cellular levels but usually not so much that imaging such as an MRI or CT scan would find any abnormalities. The concussion-related sports injury immediately requires the treatment for sports-related concussion by a concussion chiropractor in Austin. They will work with you to help rewire any of the damaged connections that are as a result of the concussion.

Seeing A Concussion Specialist In Austin, TX

A concussion specialist in Austin, TX, can provide you as an athlete for your concussion related to sports injury treatment with everything from evaluation to management. They have their expertise in the treatment of sports-related concussion treatment and will work with you to get your body ready for when you return to play as the athlete you are!

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