Action Potential - Sports and Neurological Rehab Reviews

When my boyfriend referred me to Dr. Davidson, I was suffering from an undiagnosed calf injury that took me from 5-6 days/week of HIIT classes and running to barely being able to walk. I went to the doctor’s office and sought treatment; I walked away with a boot and crutches, MRIs that never came through due to “technical difficulties”, and no answers. In just a few sessions, Dr. Davidson provided diagnosis, treatment, exercises, and recommendations that helped me get back on my feet (literally) and gradually increase intensity. Just a few weeks later, I was able to hike 30+ miles and crush my HIIT classes again. Next up: a return to running!

Kai L. - Runner / HIIT Fanatic

Dr. Davidson was one of my coaches when I joined Outsiders Barbell in Austin, Tx. My fitness had suffered for months due to nagging lower-back, shoulder, and neck problems, relics of a lifetime of high-impact sports like football, basketball, MMA, and running. On top of his coaching duties, Dr. Davidson helped me work through a series of exercises to address my long-lingering pain, mobility, and strength deficiencies. I added each to my daily maintenance routine. Now, I can make it through 4 CrossFit classes a week and have even started Muay Thai classes as well without hobbling out of bed in the morning, and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since my mid-20’s. Throughout the process, Dr. Davidson explained the “why” of each activity in layman’s terms so I could understand it, not just do it. He also brings a Ted Lasso-esque positive coaching mentality – you really feel like he cares about your progress as a patient/student. Dr. Davidson represents a new gold standard in performance management, combining the latest science, functional application, and personal support to help you be at your best!

Joe T. - Crossfit / Muay-Thai

I can personally say that Dr. Davidson is a cut above the rest if you want a personal and well-qualified chiropractic treatment. Dr. Davidson will not only adjust your body he will take the time to explain and recommend what to do between adjustments. He rocks!

Mike M. - Outdoors Enthusiast​​​​​​​

When I first came to visit action potential, I just wanted to be able to rock climb again. My pain and immobility had been steadily increasing for years, and when I started taking my climbing seriously again, it got much worse. I was at a place where I could barely climb and I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Davidson and staff listened to me and began a series of “how does this feel?” type of movements so he could pinpoint problem areas. Then, he began treating me on day 1. Over the course of 4-5 weeks my pain was less than in any recent memory, but even more amazing was the change in my mobility. It was only after the fact that I realized how immobile I had been! Now, I am 80% pain-free (after 20 plus years of enduring continual pain) and able to climb and do Yoga and much more!

Andy Y. - Rock Climbing / Bouldering​​​​​​​

I've been in the fitness industry as a coach and gym owner for 12+ years and I learn something new every single visit that I have been able to use to improve and grow as a coach and as an athlete.

Kyle L. - CrossFit Gym Owner / Coach​​​​​​​

Dr. Chase is one of a kind! He is so much more than your average chiropractor. Whether you’re coming in to improve your performance or you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, Action Potential is the only place you want to trust in Austin, TX. He has an expansive education and training working with many neurological conditions. He’s also just a really great human that wants you to succeed in life and live life to your highest potential. I highly recommend him as a chiropractor and you will receive nothing short of excellent care.

Lisa S. - Basketball

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