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Like all start-up cliches, Action Potential started in a basement…

Dr. Davidson, a 2nd-year chiropractic school student at the time, knew that he wanted to start his own practice so that he could provide the highest quality of care for every one of his patients. In the small basement room he rented in chiro school, he decided to commit to creating an environment where quality would never be sacrificed for quantity. At that moment Action Potential was born.

Action Potentials stands to help athletes return to their activity of choice through the use of proven musculoskeletal therapies and the latest discoveries in clinical neuroscience. With Dr. Davidson’s specializations in clinical neuroscience, functional medicine, and strength and conditioning his commitment to patient care is from a truly 360° framework.

Action Potential now treats patients in the Austin, Tx area who are looking not only to reduce any symptoms that may be hindering their performance but actively looking to improve their athletic abilities and pursue their human potential.

The Clinician

Promising to pursue your potential

Dr. Chase Davidson CD, CSCS

Dr. Chase Davidson CD, CSCS

Co-Founder / Director of Neuroscience and Metabolics
With post doctoral specialization in functional neurology, functional medicine, and sports performance, Dr. Davidson has devoted his life to understanding the integrated function of all the body systems to elevate the care of his patients.

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