A New Way to
​​​​​​​Improve Performance

No athlete is the same… Neither are our treatment plans

Who We Help

We aim to support all athletes in their journey to reach their action potential. The athletes we work with vary from those just starting off, all the way to the professional athlete who's livelihood is dependent on their performance. You shouldn't have to be a pro to get professional care.

Why Choose Action Potential?

Values are what define any person or group, so here are ours.

For the good
​​​​​​​of the patient

We do what is good for you...
Plain and Simple

Potential breeds Action,
Action ​​​​​​​breeds Potential

When one win leads to another, we are committed to help you win in all areas of life.

For the Good
​​​​​​​of the Tribe

Optimal health is only achieved through Interdependence

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