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We at Action Potential believe that everyone is an athlete regardless of sport or skill. Whether or not they are on the field, on the sideline, or in the stands, everyone should have access to the ability to receive pro level care, not just the Tom Bradys of the world…

Appropriate At Any Level


The Sports Professional

When the stakes are high, the best insurance plan you can have is a team dedicated to protecting your ability to do so.


The Exercise Enthusiast

Cold mornings and late evenings don’t stop you from the activities you love…

Why should an injury?


The Outdoor Recreationalist

Just because you don’t play for the pro’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get professional experience.

“Only A Life Lived In The Service To Others Is Worth Living.”

Albert Einstein

Our Specialties

We work hard for our patients and will help anyone in need regardless of their sport or activity of choice… but who do we specialize in?


Never forget the basics... Without the foundational principals of fitness, strength, and stability, an athlete will be only a fraction of what they could be.


A foundational movement on its own, just minor changes in ones running form can have massive implications to their efficiency and overall performance as an athlete


Agility, Accuracy, and Field Awareness are just a few of the areas we can improve. We also emphasisze injury and concussion prevention for our athletes


Concussion rehab and prevention is our main goal, but to say our players don't increase their speed, power, and reactionary skills would be a lie.

"History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.”

B.C. Forbes

Steps involved in chiropractic care for athletes Austin

All athletes are very passionate about their sport. Along with the fun and adrenaline rush comes the pain and injury too! Athletic pain and concussion treatments are part and parcel of an athlete's inevitable life, no matter how much care is taken. As said, "it's all a part of the game"! However, what is done about the injury is what makes the difference! The most popular athletic pain & concussion treatment is chiropractic care for athletes in Austin.

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