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Concussions Hiding in the CFL/NFL

Today we are going to go over “Why Professional Football Players Choose Not to Reveal Their Concussion Symptoms During a Practice or Game” written by Jeffery Scott Delaney, an associate professor and research director at the department of emergency medicine at McGill University Health Centre, along with his colleagues.

The Potential of Habits

Health, or the lack thereof, is ultimately a result of the habits we have. These habits can either help us or hurt us so let’s discuss how to construct proper health habits and how to follow through on them.

Low Back Pain and Belly Breathing

20 minutes a day and with nothing more than your breath you can reduce your low back pain

Chiropractic on the Brain

Chiropractors can tout some crazy claims about the ability for an adjustment to heal people, but what does the evidence say about adjustments and brain function? Lets find out!

Active Rehab for Concussion and Post-Concussive Syndrome

It is the standard of care for those who have concussions to be put on bed rest until they feel better. Lets go over why that isn't the best idea and what we can do instead.

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